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Rob Brill
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LInux Mint KDE Edition Blog

Post by Rob Brill »

Boo, just a thought.

The Linux Mint KDE Edition Blog.
Please, come to the LM KDE Blog and leave a response there.
Attachs it to your signature and put the Linux Mint KDE Blog adress

I had an idea, but I do not know how it is valid. I think there
are several places online that offer their own blogs for free. There,
your last on the course topics and ideas about the Kde 9 would be more
attractive because people do not have to come to the forum which requires
registration for their opinions and also a blog just requires a name and a valid
e-mail. It makes the easiest thing for people to leave their different
opinions about kDE on the LM KDE Blog. The forum is only to support users of LM kDE.
I think it would not hurt the hierarchy inside the Linux Mint Project even why (myself)
I'm also a LM x64 Gnome 8/9/LXDE user.
Basically Clem is adopting the same tactic, ie,
using The Blog to spread their ideas about what is and what'd happen in
the new version of Gnome Main Edition.

A real fact:

Check it out here. It is a hidden thread and the few opinions there are quite repetitive.
Compare them with the number of opinions submitted by users on the Main Blog.

Threads like these below once for all should be in the KDE Edition Blog and would have
more feedbacks than the usual. Only name and a valid e-mail is required.

Isadora KDE Development Progress Report

Ideas for Isadora KDE

You could also put the topics open in (the next) Linux Mint KDE Blog and Forum.

Very soon a RC/and a Stable version of KDE 9 will be release, then we could go
to the LM KDE Blog and leave their impressions there (fórum only for those with
registration)ie, (like me). One RC Bug topic open and another one after for the
Stable release to harvest all the general feedbacks and welcomes.

Another way out would be to make the blog inside the LM community site but i'm not
sure if the community site requires a registration. Boo, The Blog is still the best
way to you to communicate with the LM KDE users. Also do not forget to update the news
about KDE on the Linux Mint Twitter. Of course (once again you can't discard the LM foruns).
Things related to the isos, Dev KDE iso number is in test,
Dev KDE iso number approved or not approved - Dev KDE iso approved
for an RC or a final version and whatever...


In the Linux Mint KDE Blog, a banner there (for payment through paypal or credit card
for people to make donations if they so wish). Maybe a few + dollars can come to the box.

ONE LAST OPTION: or one last resort... :?:
Talk to Merlwiz and Kendall and make a unique Blog. ( The Linux Mint Blog For KDE/XFCE/LXDE/Editions )
Just one
Take or leave it :?:

Roberto :?:

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Re: LInux Mint KDE Edition Blog

Post by Boo »

Good idea Rob.
I now can see the point of a Blog, for mint stuff at least.
It would be a better place to do the stuff I'm using the forums for.

I have posted to the mint blog before, i think via wordpress...
Time to get a blog sorted.

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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