Got an error or someting like this!

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Got an error or someting like this!

Post by devid911 »

Installed Linux 9 LXDE on old computer because it was unreal to install full version.
After the installation i started LXDE wotks great? but i have one problem, suddenly the screen change to black and it show error like this :o :
Process:214 Glibwarning ** getpwuid_r Failed due to unknown user id.
Every 5 seconds it restart the screen and show the same error. Only thing that helps to fix is restart.
Help please!! :( :shock:

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Re: Got an error or someting like this!

Post by rich_roast »

I think that the Glib warning is a kernel bug and happens to everyone right now, it's been reported to the kernel maintainers and is not what is causing the problem.

From what I gather there is something causing your X server to crash, and not be able to restart (it's trying to, which is causing the message to flash up over and over again).

I don't use Mint 9 LXDE personally, but think it would help diagnose and solve the problem if we knew both what sort of thing you are doing just prior to the crash, and also the output of

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inxi -F
Assuming you have inxi installed. Also, you could paste your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to pastebin and link to that. Please don't paste it *here* - it is very long.

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Re: Got an error or someting like this!

Post by TangoVirtud »

have you tried reinstalling grub?

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