Right click to format removeable media (usb sd)

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Right click to format removeable media (usb sd)

Postby hemimaniac » Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:19 am

I have witnessed quite a few people mentioning a right click to format option (where, or why not, or I've never used gparted). So right now I will explain how to do this, it sounds complicated, but actually I managed to set it up in 5 minutes.

****** For security reasons I am not a fan of this, but apparently for some SINGLE USER desktops it is a handy tool *********

First open Menu > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager

Make sure all repositories are enabled under Settings > Sources , then install (some may be installed already) gnome-format, nautilus-script-manager, nautilus-actions, nautilus-ideviceinfo, libparted0 . Make sure to agree with any addition software (dependencies)

or you can use (in terminal) sudo apt-get install gnome-format nautilus-script-manager nautilus-actions nautilus-ideviceinfo libparted0

Next either restart X (Ctrl + Alt + BKSP or in terminal do sudo pkill nautilus& nautilus&

This will kill all instances of nautilus and re-launch the file manager, after this simply go to Menu > Preferences > Nautilus Actions Configuration

Select File > New Action , you will then see New Nautilus Action in the left pane, click on it so it can be edited and edit as follows;

Action Tab

Nautilus Item - mark Display Item in selection context menu
Context Label - Format Removable Media
ToolTip - Format Removable USB & SD Media
Icon - browse to /usr/share/icons/gnome/48x48/apps/file-manager.png and select (this is just what i used, you may choose something different(
Action Properties - Enabled

Command Tab
Profile - Default Profile
Command - gksudo gnome-format
Parmeters - Blank

Folders Tab

- Should already have / listed (is suitable or you may add /media or whatever folder if created that this type of media mounts to)

Conditions Tab
Filenames - *
Match Case - Mark
Mimetypes - *
Appears if selection contains - Mark Both, Appears is selection has multiple files or folders

Advanced conditions Tab

Mark - file and smb

Once all that is finished and everything is filled out accordingly, Select File > Save then simply restart or in terminal once again
sudo pkill nautilus& nautilus&

* open nautilus and browse to regular mountpoint of removable media (/media by default) drag it over to the left with the other bookmarks, then on media insertion open media and right click on the usd/sd you want to format.

****** For security reasons I am not a fan of this, but apparently for some SINGLE USER desktops it is a handy tool *********

*edited for changes and omissions
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Re: Right click to format removeable media (usb sd)

Postby geazzy » Sun May 08, 2011 8:46 pm

very nice tutorial...
I'll try it :)

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Re: Right click to format removeable media (usb sd)

Postby linmint777 » Mon May 09, 2011 12:27 am

thanks, works fine.
Linux Mint #1 Distro.

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Re: Right click to format removeable media (usb sd)

Postby SHENGTON » Sun May 15, 2011 11:07 am

Hello hemimaniac, good evening. :)

I got a problem here. I followed your steps carefully but unfortunately it's not working for me. Can you help me with this because this is very useful article.

Thanks and God bless. :)

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