How to make LMDE uptodate ?

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How to make LMDE uptodate ?

Post by JariTapio »


I have now installed a few weeks ago a Linux OS Mint Debian Edition, that is a LMDE.

Im wondering why most of my programs are now not uptodate ?

I have firefox as a 3.6.8 should be .12 or with some people 4.0b ?
I have inkscape as a 0.47 should be already a 0.48 ?

How to make my LMDE as updated as current Mint10 is ?
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Re: How to make LMDE uptodate ?

Post by vincent »

Currently, Debian Testing (from which LMDE is based off of) is in a state of deep freeze due to the upcoming release of Debian Squeeze as stable. So for the last few months, very few packages have been updated, except to fix bugs and the like. Once the freeze is over, updates will start flowing in again and LMDE will continue to roll along.

As for Firefox, it'll be updated when the Mint devs have time to release an update for it, I suppose. (Firefox isn't actually in the Debian repos.)
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Re: How to make LMDE uptodate ?

Post by sumski »

Both Iceweasel 3.6.12-2 and Inkscape 0.48 are in Experimental, and you can install Iceweasel 4.0b7 from ; that's the way you can up to date you packages from the D(ebian)E(dition) side , as far as the L(inux)M(int) side , i guess you just have to wait :D
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