LMDE: Disk partition encryption at installer level

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LMDE: Disk partition encryption at installer level

Postby macias » Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:22 pm

First of all -- thank you VERY MUCH for the rolling release distro for the masses. I don't care about Gnome/KDE/whatever, just bring 64-bit edition of it ;-D. Anyway, the implications of making LMDE (because of rolling release) can be huge, and thank you once more for making the difference. No more upgrades & headaches.


Basically, I can repeat myself:

Please give real security tools for the masses -- at the same ease as today setting password for user account. Password for account is only good if someone does not have access to hard disk, if someone does -- such password is no good at all.

So for me, any installer that offers ONLY password for account (with measuring strength of it) provides in reality false sense of security. I think in 5 years we will be all surprised how we could live w/o default disk encryption (or steganography).

I would suggest:
* providing option for encrypting the disk (default: ON)
* if ON -- encrypting all partitions with the same given password (by default)

In advanced mode user could of course set each password different (e.g. 3 different passwords for 3 partitions).

This way all it would take would be giving password and confirmation of the password. Behind the curtains, installer should make all necessary arrangements, so encrypting would not take 5 or 7 steps.

In short: the old Atari saying -- power without the price.

openSUSE has it, Fedora has it, Ubuntu (classic) does NOT have it -- it would be good to be another step ahead :-)

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Re: LMDE: Disk partition encryption at installer level

Postby Oscar799 » Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:45 am

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Re: LMDE: Disk partition encryption at installer level

Postby Epipsychidion » Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:26 pm

To be perfectly honest I would be happy if the option to perform an encypted LVM installation was available. That being said though, I'm still using LMDE as my primary operating system without it, I'd just prefer to have the option (like OpenSuSE, Fedora etc)
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