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Re: Porting Linux Mint tools to Arch (formerly Mint Arch Edi

Postby knuckleheadTech » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:54 pm

For starters I have to eat some humble pie. I have not been a fan of mint because it isn't the snappiest of distros when you run older hardware like I do it just doesn't quite cut it. I kept coming back to it because I liked the idea of a fully loaded install and go distro for a quick install. I have now tried Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) and I must say the pie is tasty. Seems to run much cleaner, quicker and all that. Now I am reading of you guys porting to Arch!!

Ok for starters some of the hardcore Arch and BSD guys might get physically sick just hearing about this project. I say, right on and good job! I have used Arch for about a year and still don't know near enough to be proficient. The worst part is that I just installed this LMDE but I will have to dig up another old machine to roll out some Arch Mint goodness. Thanks for your work!

I attend an Open Source conference every year and this year am planning to put on an Arch Linux booth and if this works out I might use this as another example of the goodness of OSS, Linux, Arch Linux and the great variety of choice fine people like yourselves give us!! +100 for the community!
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