map buttons usb mouse

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map buttons usb mouse

Post by adishardis » Fri May 13, 2011 6:35 am

Hi everybody,

I'm on my maybe fourth try on linux and decided to go with Mint 11 rc. I'ts always something that makes me go back to windows but I really want to migrate to linux so here goes...

I've got two problems right now; driver for nvidia 310m and mouse button mapping. I haven't really gotten to the nvidia problem yet so I'm wondering if anyone could help me with the button mapping.

My device is a usb Logitech M505.

On previous tries i've successfully managed to map the button via xmodmap or something but I can't seem to remeber exactly what I did.

I want to make the left tilt on the scrollwheel to go back and the righttilt to go forward.

Any ideas?

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Re: map buttons usb mouse

Post by richyrich » Fri May 13, 2011 6:56 pm

Have you performed a search for 'logitech' in Synaptic Package Manager ?


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