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Post by b.stefan »

Hi all . I have a question. I installed mint 11.
it comes with gnome 2. My question:
In ubuntu 11.04 you can download it with a PPA. I know its buggy and BETA. Is there any other way to install gnome 3 in mint 11 where it is stable.

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Re: Gnome3

Post by remoulder »

b.stefan wrote: I know its buggy and BETA. Is there any other way to install gnome 3 in mint 11 where it is stable
Isn't this a contradiction of terms?
[Edit] your original post and add [SOLVED] once your question is resolved.

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Re: Gnome3

Post by AdamS »

I was able to get it stable enough to be quite usable.

Don't care for it much thou.

Trick was mostly just updates and theming it out.

99% of it was getting it fully updated. ... 4085.shtml

Thats just the start.

packages will need removed and others added.

While back we looked at gnome3 as a possibility for a distro release, proved to be waste of time.

If your going to go down this road, lot of reading will be needed. Ton of research to get it right.

Have a look at UE OZ link in my sig and use the search feature.
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eric k
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Re: Gnome3

Post by eric k »

I installed the Gnome 3 ppa over an install of Mint 11, played around with it for two days, and went back to the Gnome 2.32 desktop.

There were a number of problems I had trying to do this conversion, and even when I thought I had it all sorted I had inconsistencies that I did not experience running Fedora 15, which comes with Gnome 3 as it's default set-up. Not really surprising, since everything there is natively built to run with GTK 3 and all the underlying libraries, the ppa seems to be a bolt-on, Frankenstein's monster approach.

You can give it a shot, systems and hardware differ and all that, but I didn't find it worthwhile, and will wait for Mint to be officially released with Gnome 3 instead of tinkering again.
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Re: Gnome3

Post by Nexus »

For me the experience has been pretty good, I've been using Gnome 3/Shell for the past few days and I'm loving it.

The extensions feature is a great new tool for development by 3rd parties and individuals.

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Re: Gnome3

Post by Daniel4lm »

After a fresh installation of LM11, I added Gnome 3 from ppa. Now I have Gnome 3(Fallback session) & the following issues:

- eog editor is so slow(system use nouveau graphic driver). EOG is not a slow with a small images,
but is extremely slow with large images (i see broken images)

- Gnome System Monitor work very well but need 2-5 sec to exit(which is not a case in Gnome 2.3)

- Mint application 'Desktop Settings' seem to have no effect on the Gnome 3

- Exit and logout(mintMenu) buttons not work

Does anyone have the following problems? :?

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