Official Minecraft Support "Brought to you by"

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Official Minecraft Support "Brought to you by"

Postby GigaVex » Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:29 pm

I had an idea- that may bring some more positive attention to Linux, and Linux Mint 11.
I thought it would be a fantastic idea to make a Minecraft Support IRC channel, maybe even a forum thread/section based on Minecraft Support for Linux users.

Obviously in the IRC or Forum Thread, I would be giving all credit to, as the soul supporter of this project.
I, Myself am rather new to Linux, but I think I can safely say I know how to work my way around the Java Application, and Minecraft within Linux.
I can offer extensive Windows support as well. That could be used as a way to get more people transferring from Windows to Linux Mint 11.

Letting the users who need Minecraft support know that Linux can offer them better fps, and overall increased performance could be a fantastic way to get people to give it a try.
Of course, I would take responsibility of setting-up, and running the IRC/Forum Thread (If needed).
What are some of your thoughts on this idea?

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