Can't get Daryna to work

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Paul L
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Can't get Daryna to work

Post by Paul L »

I've downloaded the new Mint 4.0 Beta (Gnome) a number of times yet and have not been able to get it to install. When I run the disk I get the option to install after which I get a load of text data which means nothing to me.

I currently use Celana which installed and runs without a problem.

I've downloaded the file from three separate sources and as a torrent. Each time the md5 file is the same, but different from the 'official' one. I've included it below in case anyone knows what it means.

I would appreciate any help in getting it to work.



981c540eca2fe9061d35b3e1be7bc4d5 ./.disk/casper-uuid-generic
6bcb7c290d5392f10fea1f28000d6412 ./.disk/info
fa6aaaacb7c63f3e8075dc40417aeaec ./.disk/release_notes_url
b9dd10d68c6f21c2ccfcbde859799240 ./.disc_id
d539dded00c028a6f8174565def7d4e8 ./isolinux/f5.txt
039ab9150cfe5c4226b0f89ae81d0568 ./isolinux/isolinux.bin
64b251cf92c94df36a9b0a8c579863ec ./isolinux/f3.txt
3f374e5f7bc590802a09e09444b63dc2 ./isolinux/f10.txt
74c5333e1c50b100689dcf38b969ae26 ./isolinux/isolinux.cfg
f55e47871a2dcb7e8d48a537003b827b ./isolinux/isolinux.txt
2a4e2170ff9f94a2cab7f7e4140ede87 ./isolinux/f1.txt
bfe868895962a8e152796ce5e328e677 ./isolinux/f3.txt.withgtk
37a17194e8e42aa2f482f3f5a571875f ./isolinux/f8.txt
a1d0dc9b3a1853b8ea25550c4a53ccb4 ./isolinux/f4.txt
acf2ed6703550658ec1b25f4ea4ba4b9 ./isolinux/
93e6bd4379720d03ff4ca69a08821ec8 ./isolinux/f4.txt.withgtk
ea686b4c26f83e6c29b8dd34ab33961a ./isolinux/en.hlp
a0354dff872cab4e9af8552a434ea840 ./isolinux/f9.txt
af183d46c2e4c6f0cafb0fc94b8d5d6a ./isolinux/f6.txt
06f70a8827a5b99bb3a4c56be278aa1c ./isolinux/f2.txt
b1fbcebc32eb96bc16fdb3df8cf3a0bf ./isolinux/splash.pcx
6dacbe86021ea3302c3d2fc0a8dfbdf4 ./isolinux/splash.rle
da68327babf6cfc2a4f563ea6f1edf8d ./isolinux/langlist
f85d8624af2c400c6177ada719942993 ./isolinux/
326fad867fdaf302a0afca53f2e0b8f0 ./isolinux/f7.txt
8c3586d4179419fc18dd250dff67dbdf ./isolinux/bootlogo
20062b7a716580d527951718cc23d733 ./isolinux/16x16.fnt
167ae73ecbd31be19d63abf000d72a43 ./isolinux/back.jpg
d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e ./md5sum.txt
e5ce174de257efbe27e195c16b0a8f18 ./casper/initrd.gz
9679889bab12f39c732a0843c46072a6 ./casper/filesystem.manifest
db4d2452d934c095cc8ef83c271e4a2e ./casper/vmlinuz
84fea7db31289d70fdffcad0c0e2c05f ./casper/filesystem.manifest-desktop
29f40de1a2a85ef198ac8d57d2c521cb ./casper/filesystem.squashfs
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Post by Husse »

As you have Celena you can use the command md5sum in the terminal. You should apply it to the ISO - nothing else.
It seems that you've been able to boot the live CD.
I don't understand this
I get the option to install after which I get a load of text data
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Re: Can't get Daryna to work

Post by MagnusB »

Open a terminal window and type:

Code: Select all

md5sum /home/user/LinuxMint-4.0.iso
and compare it to
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