Wallpaper incorrect resolution.

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Wallpaper incorrect resolution.

Post by nige »

This may be a problem related to Compiz / if not one of my settings is wrong.
I have downloaded backgrounds from Gnome Art, but they always download @ 128 x 96 px, so when set as background the resolution is all wrong.
It was fine the other day, although have had a problem with Compiz today.

How to I download at the correct res ? Can I reset Compiz to default.? Do I need Compiz, can I delete it ?

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Re: Wallpaper incorrect resolution.

Post by dwasifar »

Let me make sure I understand. You're downloading wallpaper and the files you download are only 128x96 pixels in size?

If that's what's happening, it has nothing to do with Compiz or your screen resolution settings. It sounds to me like you're downloading the thumbnails and not the actual images.
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