Announcement "Monthly" Desktop Screenshots Thread

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Announcement "Monthly" Desktop Screenshots Thread

Postby vrkalak » Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:11 pm


The LinuxMint Forums has had an 'active' Screenshots Thread for some time now.
And there is a complimentary thread for LMDE screenshots, as well.

The list of pages on this thread keeps growing (338 pages) - at the moment.
A few hundred pages is a lot to go through, when you are trying to find something.
And no one is going to look back at previous screenshots for more than a few pages.

It would be a good and feasible idea to create a new Thread for Screenshots on a 'Monthly' basis

Of course, a Mod/Admin will oversee (namely myself) the creation of the new thread, each month, and the closing of the old topic, once the month is complete.
I have been trying to keep a close eye on these threads, for some time, anyway.

I don't really want to [DELETE] any of the existing screenshots/desktop or artwork from the Forum ... just [LOCK] the old thread and move it to the background, but keep it in the same forum. So that, if somone does want to view the 'old' stuff they can.

A new "Desktop Screenshots" Sub-Forum was created in the Artwork Section, of the Main Forums, just for these threads.

The Forum Mods/Admin will be opening a new Screenshots Thread, the night before the new month is to begin.
Then, as each month comes to a close, I will [LOCK] that old Months thread about 1-2 days after the new month has begin. We should start this with the coming of the New Year (in a few days)

Of course, the 'Current Month' thread will have to be 'sticky-ed' by an Admin. And released from 'sticky-ness' after that month is over.

I shall start the new Mint Desktop Screenshots Thread on January 1, 2012.
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