An LMDE and AV Linux cross-breed....?

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An LMDE and AV Linux cross-breed....?

Post by Evil-K »

This may be an ambitious question for a newbie, but hear me out...

How are the probabilities, and what is the feasibility, of assembling an AV Linux-like version of Linux Mint DE? My idea is to take the basic LMDE package, set the Debian repositories to 'Squeeze', add the main packages from AV Linux, and have it run by a Liquorix kernel. The ability to drive an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE graphics card is a must.

Now, I know how to install packages and change the repos, and I have a pretty good idea on how to install the Liquorix kernel and the video driver in Debian (thanks to the Linux Mint tutorials). I'm just wondering if it would be worth the effort. I'm currently running AV Linux right now, but while it runs pretty good, and has all the packages I could possibly need once I'm ready to begin recording again should I choose to do so (I'm getting the itch to create again), I prefer the 'out of the box' experience, the interface, and the community drive behind Mint.

So with all that in mind, is this something I, as a relative Debian newbie, should pursue?
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Re: An LMDE and AV Linux cross-breed....?

Post by ukbrian »

set the Debian repositories to 'Squeeze'
I run AV Linux myself to use Openshot and Audacity.
I run SalineOS based on Squeeze for my everyday OS.

With Squeeze you only have access to old versions of Openshot in the Squeeze repos.
AV Linux gives you much later versions and I don't do any updating,
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If you want to play with AV stuff you need to have something based on testing or Sid.

I just installed DreamLinux 5 based on Testing and it's got version 1.4 of OpenShot in the repos but I've not tried it yet.

If you do much playing you might be interested in this thread
It's a GUI for fsarchiver to backup linux partitions and it works well.

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