Please explain applications designed for Desktops

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Please explain applications designed for Desktops

Post by travel27 »

I use Linux Mint LXDE 11. I recently found digiKam on the Software Manager. It is "designed" for KDE but seems to run nicely and looks great on LXDE.
Do most applications run on all desktops? If I use digiKam a lot, should I install or find a distro with KDE? I'm not really understanding the concept of "desktop environments".
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Re: Please explain applications designed for Desktops

Post by Kikito »

As far as I know, an application that is "designed" to work within a certain DE can just as easily work on any other. The main concern for most people is that when you install such a program (in your case, digikam), the software manager will also download all the required libraries and dependencies that are usually associated with KDE as opposed to LXDE. For KDE applications, I think those will mostly be QT related, since I believe KDE is built on QT. Also, a program designed for KDE or any other DE will probably have a visual style more akin to those that are also.

But yeah, I don't think you should have any problem using digikam. For a long time I used Kate as my text editor under gnome and never had any problems!
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