network-manager fails / traditional methods work

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network-manager fails / traditional methods work

Postby misfitplanet » Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:18 am

I connect two ways:
- android tethering via easytether.deb
- netgear wireless usb

I had them both working without a hitch in Mint Julia.

network-manager needs to be stopped. I add easytether0 to interfaces file. I restart networking and I'm connected. If I don't stop network-manager, he'll keep breaking my connection.

Netgear Wireless
When I try to install the windows drivers for netgear using:
Menu -> Administration -> Windows Wireless Drivers
It complains ndiswrapper may not be installed. ndiswrapper is. Can't get inf driver to install. Julia took it fine.
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Re: network-manager fails / traditional methods work

Postby viking777 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:33 pm

Well this is not exactly a solution, but just a suggestion.

I use LMDE. I connect to a netgear wireless router at home and I connect to an Android phone when I am not at home.

I don't use windows wireless drivers, and I certainly don't use 'easy-tether' (never even heard of it), and everything works perfectly.

Now I am aware that I may be using a different router to you and I am almost certainly using a different wifi card and phone, but what I ask myself about your situation is this, are you using software that is completely unnecessary? And is that software screwing with network manager's ability to do the job on its own?

As I said, not a solution, but just a question for you to ask (and answer) yourself.
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