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Mgse in LMDE Incoming

Postby hellfire695 » Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:00 pm

This is how i installed mgse in lmde mgse. now note this packages are not in the main lmde repo, so what i did was i manually install them from the main lmde repo.

first run
sudo apt-get install gnome
sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool
I downloaded all the packages labeled mgse
now they shouldve have any dependancies after you install the gnome meta package.
once you hhave installed all the packages from the linked repo. note best bet is to install using gdebi
once you have installed them you have to log out then log back in the shell and run the run the tweak-tool, and them enable the extensions

**warning** this is not the lmde repo it is lisa main
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Re: Mgse in LMDE Incoming

Postby whirly » Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:37 pm

probably works
that repo is neither incoming or lmde
it says specifically lisa main

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