UI needs little rework..

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UI needs little rework..

Postby matthew 123 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:44 am

(I am from Croatia and using Mint for almost 2 years) Since Mint is my one and only os :D, so i am just working things with it, and testing almost evetything. I personaly dont think Clem and team must copy other systems, but instead they have to do somethig new (Cinnamon is a good stuff). Before I say my opinion must add that i noticed, when i open my movie folder and when i want to get back to previous state on file manager arrows dissapear instead they are shown as little shortcut in the right top corner of the window in a form of an arrow down..when i click on it then i can browse from there..but it should not be like that. Second thing.. menues dont have shadows.. It is all about cinnamon interface..on main windows shadows should be a little smoother and bigger. Panel should be black transparent without shadows on default.But hey that is an idea only..:D System fonts instead od 11 rather size 10. For a little compact menues. And one more thing maybe thas only me but i prefer compact start menu. This one is too big. It can be compact with search engine on bottom for the top panel mode or at top with bottom panel mode.

For example.. On cinnamon menu is a little confusing with mouse handling when choosing apps, cause it is all very close to each other and accidentally selecting app what you dont want.. So what I suggest.. Leave the 2 rows in menu, but third must appear on separate window when user hovers the (internet application) if he dosent clik on it when hovers (office application set) Previous fades and office set appears, when user clicks on one of the section window stays and you choose from what app you want. That window usually will be black transparent little 80% transparency. And normaly window has an x for turn off and thats it :D Hope it was somehow helpfull, cheers:D Sorry for my bad english, i was trying to express myself as better i can:D Mint team you are the best:D

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