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[Closed] I'm impressed - LMDE & MATE

Postby Trapper » Sat May 05, 2012 9:36 am

I am very impressed with Linux Mint's LMDE distro and even more so with the inclusion of MATE. I've been trying MATE in a number of different scenarios and distros. I am more satisfied with LMDE than anything else I have tried or have experimented with, in regards to MATE. A couple of our requirements are simplicity and staying with the basics. We're not looking for frills, thrills or a bunch of eye candy, nor do we care to retrain everyone to do things we've already been doing more than satisfactorily for years. Our job is work and we need positive results. LMDE obviously will allow us to accomplish that reasonably, now and in the future. Thank you Clem, the development team and the Linux Mint community.
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