menu search and software manager improvments

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menu search and software manager improvments

Postby ammsh » Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:52 pm


I'm enjoying linux mint 10 since it was out.
Just recently i changed to mint 13 (I hope i did right).

I have a suggestion for the menu search bar (Mate and Cinnamone):
(1) My native language is not English. If i type a string in my native language in google search, it first check to see if it has any meaning in English. Typing in your native language (other than English) is more likely to be a mistake, because almost everything now is in English.

(2) Hovering with the mouse over the menu button should show "open with ctrl+sup" in mate and "open with sup" in cinnamone's info.

(3) Making the search bar act more like the assistent applications that we now have on smartphones.

(4) Another thing will be that if i search for an uninstalled software from Mate menu, clicking on the name will make a popup window with two choices that include one to direct me to software manager insted of direct installation proccess so i could read about it and decide.

Software manager:
(5) If i choose an uninstalled software from the list, an install button is there. After installation the button will not indicate that the proccess is done (only if i go back and than return to the same software which is now installed). I suggest that after installation is completed an "open software" button will apear so i could now check my newly installed software.

(6) I also think it would be nice that once software manager is started, the fucose will automatically go to the search bar (or if i start typing it will automaticly be in the search bar - anyway i found out that if i click the TAB this is exctly what will happen, but i guess not everybody will know that).

(7) I think it is not the right place so you might choose to ignore but how can i always show size of files in the file manager without it showing also below the icons on the desktop?

I would like to say thank you very much to all of you that contribute to this wonderful work

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