/etc/profile.d/file.sh: Works on logout/login, not on reboot

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/etc/profile.d/file.sh: Works on logout/login, not on reboot

Postby etisdale » Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:51 pm

Hello. I am having a little bit of difficulty getting a command to run at login after boot.

In brief, I created /etc/profile.d/volume.sh containing a single command to adjust the volume down (from 100!) upon login. I can successfully set the volume to an arbitrary level during a session, log out, and then log back in with a set volume (e.g., 15); however, if I reboot and login, the script does not appear to work! Is there a different sequence of events, and are different scripts executed upon each method of logging in?

Confused! Any help would be much appreciated!

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