Could Not have done it with Windows

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Could Not have done it with Windows

Post by GarryRicketson »

Hello every one,
Thanks to Linux Mint , I have been able to do a lot of things with my website,and forum, and photos, quickly, it is amazing to me how much easier editing photos and html , BBcode etc. Before when I was using windows, it always took so long, and often files seemed to "disappear" (windows likes to save them in different places,I guess) anyway it was always very frustrating, plus every time I turned around the MS malware would tell me I am not allowed to do that. All though on some occasions, linux tells me I need to log in as root, or use sudo, that's ok, at least then I know what I need to do.
Anyway, everything is so much easier now, with Linux,..
By trade ,or work I am a stone carver, this is a project I started today,
I am not much of a programmer.
Hoping it is ok to share this, it is not so much that I want to promote my site,but on this carving I am very excited it is a special peice, and never will be for sale, ... jects.html
I am thinking there may very well be other artists and craftsmen that use Linux,
and am working on this forum, it also has categorys for programing, and in general discussions a little on linux, but anyway I would like to invite any one that is interested to join, I could use some help "building" the forum, intended to be more of a "community" type forum, not commercial, obviously posting about art ,and stone work here, is not appropriate. But if some linux users would like a place to talk about artwork,etc, that is the direction I am trying to go. I think of programing as a "art" too in it's own way, and Linux is a work of art, too.
This is the forum:
Guess that is about all, The main point being , thanks to Linux, I can now do the webdesign,forum managment, and any html,or other codeing so much easier, it leaves more time I am able to do my artwork,and helps me be able to share it publicly.
Ok well thanks for making Linux available,and also this forum,
from Garry
From Garry
My Web Site

Using: LINUX MINT 13
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