is it true that you wont be able to put linux on a pc?

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Re: is it true that you wont be able to put linux on a pc?

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LISABLUEANGEL wrote:i heard that microsoft is banning people from putting linux on a brand new windows 8 based pc. plz tell me this isnt true! :evil:
Every few months something like this pops up and there is a FUD storm. Then reality catches up with the hype and Linux keeps rolling along. So relax enjoy the ride and don't worry.
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Re: is it true that you wont be able to put linux on a pc?

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Nope. On x86/64 PC's, you'll be able to disable Secure Boot and be able to put whatever OS you want on it. ARM tablets will be restricted to Win8 though. In addition, you build your own PC, Secure Boot will be disabled by default, I think.
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Re: is it true that you wont be able to put linux on a pc?

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If I had the money, I would go buy a brand new computer, and then format it, and install Linux, if I couldn't I would take it back, and say "look at it, it dosn't work", get my money back.
After all said and done, if I ask the sales clerk, can I install a different OS, and they say "sure no problem", thats great, if they don't know, then they don't really have any buisness selling them,..
Older , used computers are usually better any way. I have a old IBM, that was made in 1998, when I bought it it had winowsXP on it, ok to make a long story short, and sorry, if I am getting off topic, but anyway, a Aunt,( my sister in law), had bought a brand new computer, also with windows xp, for our son, her nephew,..That computer, broke down, before a month was over , faulty switch, then one thing after another, mostly OS failure. (WindowsXP), it still dose not run, but I am out of town (not home) so I have not been able to fix it, our kid is using my old IBM, with Linux,..and he is very "hard" on a computer, trys all kinds of stuff that he shouldn't...the old IBM with linux, just keeps on running, and he can't even break the OS, I never showed him how to log in as root! If he figures that out on his own, that's great, he will be ready to use the root options, ...until then he "plays" the games he enjoys, on internet, no more virus problems,etc...
ok well enough said, I don't realy care what MS dose,and I am sure there will always be computer manufacturers, that want to sell computers to every one, not just MS users. You might not find the computers at Wal Mart, but they will be available, we may just have to shop around a little.
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