Cinnamon should work better on netbooks

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Cinnamon should work better on netbooks

Postby Mozenrath » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:43 pm

I've been using LM13 on my EEE PC 1005HA for a while now. It's great.

Except for Cinnamon.

I love Cinnamon, but it is unreasonably slow to load on my netbook. Not only does it make bootup time longer, but it's slow as heck when using it. Just typing in the menu takes forever. This is also a problem with Cinnamon 1.5 using Cinnamon 2D. In fact, I don't notice any difference with Cinnamon 2D. It's just as slow.

On the other hand, Gnome 3 Classic works great and it's very snappy. But it lacks the extras that Cinnamon has. I have 2GB of RAM, and Flash video works fine, so I don't see why Cinnamon should be so slow.

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