The Screen Dimming Problem - is this a deliberate ploy?

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The Screen Dimming Problem - is this a deliberate ploy?

Postby VerityProductions » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:49 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm relatively new to Linux (a few months) and particularly to Mint (not even a couple of weeks). I already fancy myself as a die-hard Linux user, and particularly love the Mint distro.

Anyway, like a few other people, I had an issue with the screen dimming after removing Windows to install a Linux OS (Ubuntu 12.04, originally). After some time searching for answers, I noted quite a few other people had this problem, too. Although I found a solution (and made a tutorial video about it on my Youtube page), it has left me wondering if the cause of this issue is a deliberate one. Apparently it crops up if some systems don't detect Windows running on them.

It does seem strange that certain functionalities will be shut down if the manufacturer's preferred OS isn't installed. My suspicion also seems to be supported by the fact HP won't actually permit my BIOS to be upgraded specifically because I no longer run Windows, as stated on their website. I'm interested in other people's thoughts about this.

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Re: The Screen Dimming Problem - is this a deliberate ploy?

Postby homerscousin » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:58 pm

I build my own desktop computers, haven't had this problem, haven't read about this problem. If you found a solution though why don't you post it here. It may help someone else.
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Re: The Screen Dimming Problem - is this a deliberate ploy?

Postby pickles99 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:00 am

Why did HP out of the blue announce they were getting out of the PC business?? They're response when they changed their minds was interesting as well.

Try this trick with a HP. With Linux on it install VirtualBox. Find a friend who's got that "corporate key" windows Xp bootleg cd and install it into VirtualBox.

Watch what happens next. It bricks the computer when the Bios disables the motherboard???

....wait....HP can switch off the motherboard thru the Bios?? I bet they've fixed VirtualBox since!

Started in 2003 when Microsoft crawled in bed with Phoenix Bios. All computers now can have their hardware remotely switched off. Start googling "Intel vPro" and "Intel Insider" to also read about those new ventures.

No more free Bios updates unless you leave windows on it and use the Manufacturers Update software. They are going to try and keep the keys to these new powerful Bios chips running full blown systems inside them. But HP's Bios already lost its keys and a hacker could write code to use their own Disable switch against them. They knew that risk when they had their first Board meeting about making this new capability. They accepted it.....if all the computers get remotely disabled permanently....US debt could be wiped away overnight. iLLuminati are smart.

How come almost every HP laptop died shortly after their warranties expired? many dead.....people can't give away their 17" laptop screens on EBay.

....I think there's a deliberate ploy in there....

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