How To: Blank (or black) screen, blinking cursor, etc

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How To: Blank (or black) screen, blinking cursor, etc

Postby oobetimer » Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:15 pm ... orkaround/

"Workaround for LMDE 201012 32-bit users:

If you downloaded LMDE 201012 32-bit and all you're getting is a black screen, you might just be a kernel argument away from a successful boot. The solution is to download 201101, but you can save 1GB of download and a new DVD by using the following arguments:

* For ATI chipsets: radeon.modeset=0
* For nVidia chipsets: xforcevesa or nomodeset
* For GeForce and Generic: nouveau.modeset=0
* For Intel: i915.modeset=0

This should give you a live session in low resolution. Since the embedded kernel is already up-to-date, you don't need to configure anything post-installation and your system should then boot in high resolution.


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Re: How To: Blank (or black) screen, blinking cursor, etc

Postby brucealmighty » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:38 am

Thanks oobetimer, I'll give it a try and let you know how successful or otherwise.

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Re: How To: Blank (or black) screen, blinking cursor, etc

Postby eljaywasi » Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:12 am

If anyone else is getting the blinking cursor after boot first make sure you have nothing plugged in via USB and no memory cards in your SD slot and try it again. I just forgot I had my SD card in the slot and, since it's hard to see, spent a frantic 30 minutes trying to discover why my week old Mint 14 install wouldn't boot. Then I noticed the memory card... Removed the memory card and it works perfect again!

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Re: How To: Blank (or black) screen, blinking cursor, etc

Postby nancynany88 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:45 am

hmm..what an idea dude. thanks for sharing such a very nice info about Blank (or black) screen, blinking cursor..etc. i think it should be share around the web dude. 8)

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