Marketing error prevents Linux boost

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Marketing error prevents Linux boost

Post by snander »

I do not know where to place this message so here it is:

I believe a marketing error prevents the Linux family from becoming more popular and getting a larger piece of the wold market pie.
The competion with Windows occurs in a market segment that is already occupied by Windows.
But there is a huge market elsewhere just screaming for Linux that is being ignored.

I am talking about the up coming markets such as Africa.
There is no money there...yet.
Illegal Windows are the standard among the poor, viruses as rampant as the real ones..
The market share for the Linux family would explode once the rumour gets around in these parts of the world.

What is needed to bring this about?
The problem in such markets is that internet connection is almost exclusively analoog with a speed often as low as 20Kb/s.
This stops many from switching to Linux.

The solution :
Make it possible to manually download once and install limitless times.
This happens to be the Windows way.

I spend a lot of time in Africa and see a market waiting to be served.
Now that I have switched from Windows to Linux Mint my self I should like to start this process in Africa as well.
Is manually downloading and installing of software already possible and if so, how?
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Re: Marketing error prevents Linux boost

Post by odo5435 »

snander wrote:Make it possible to manually download once and install limitless times.
This has always been possible and is actively encouraged by the various Linux distibutions (unlike Windows who only "authorise" its use on one machine for each purchased copy).

Just burn the downloaded .iso image of the Linux distribution onto a DVD. Then use the DVD to instal on as many machines as you wish. Or make as many copies of the DVD as you want and distribute those. You can also make USB flash drives.

Instructions for how to burn a CD/DVD in Windows can be found on this Ubuntu webpage. This method will work for any Linux distribution.
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