Flash plugin mistery SOLVED!

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Flash plugin mistery SOLVED!

Postby sserbanro » Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:25 am

Hi, everybody!
The erratic behaviour of the FlashPlayer is already notorious. I posted also about this.
Since I am a little different than others, I chased the solution. I'll probably make a video to show beyond any doubt what is all fuss about.
Remember the SOPA and ACTA?
Of course you do! It's pretty fresh stuff and in Europe, we thought we won "the first battle."
Well, actually we lost it for good! SOPA AND ACTA are already applied on YouTube.
How did I find out? Easy!
I have my own channel on YouTube and it crossed my mind to watch my own videos, after removing all flashPlayer instances from the system, since the HTML 5 test was positive on all three browsers > FireFox, Chromium and Chrome. So, I said to myself, let's check it out!
I handcrafted a HTML containing only a few lines of code and two iframes, to show two different videos from YouTube. i used exactely the code provided by YouTube for sharing.
What happened?
The first code, is for Pink Floyd "Comming back to life", a piece I like very much.
The second, is for one of my own videos, "Dubstep 01".
When I clicked "Play" on the first, a message showed up stating that the "video contains content from SME. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube". I clicked the link and got redirected on YouTube, where the "Missing Flashplugin" message showed up.
Now, the funny, WEIRD thing is the next video, which is my own production, thus I own the copyright...
The video ran OK on the HTML page AND on YouTube!
Obviously -- I said to myself -- this is an accident! So, I tried the next video on my list. OK, again. I tried to switch from Chromium to FireFox. Same result as explained! I tried some other Pink Floyd video. The same "missing flashplugin" message showed again.
Then it crossed my mind to check out another kind of video than musical videoclip. So I started testing all videos that are something else than musical (EMI, Sony Entertainment, Virgin, etc.) copyrighted stuff.
Guess what?

Google already applies the ACTA and SOPA policies on YouTube, to filter certain copyrighted content.
So, stop looking for a solution to view flash content!
Is it a bad thing?
On a short run, it is OK. On the long run...
Well, since this is ONLY the beginning, it is difficult to forsee where, when and IF are they going to put an end to the "filtering" (read it CENSORING)
While there's nothing to do about the copyrighted videoclips -- it's obvious that they are copyright infringements -- my concern is about a 100% legal upload! Will we be restricted following the same pattern? "restricted from playback on certain sites"?!?
Nothing beats persistence!
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Re: Flash plugin mistery SOLVED!

Postby peileppe » Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:22 am

Gosh, this insight will not soften my growing frustration with adobe Flash :cry:

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