I'm sold on LMDE and Mate!

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I'm sold on LMDE and Mate!

Post by Runaway1956 »

I've diddled around with Linux Mint before this. I have LMDE installed on the wife's computer, after her Ubuntu died, and she admitted that Unity was butt-ugly. LMDE just seemed the way to go, because we both have had more experience with Debian and derivatives, than with any other distros.

Her desktop isn't fully updated to Mate yet - and it may never be. She's been on it for about 3 months now, and she is happy with the "classic" desktop that was offered on her first log-in.

Since I actually read some techie stuff, and make a feeble attempt to keep up-to-date with developments, I know that the "classic" isn't going to last much longer. So - after my machine died, I decided it was time to investigate Mate and LMDE.

It took two attempts to get it installed. It was hanging, for some reason, at grub-pc during updates. Something finally clicked, the stars aligned, and grub-pc got itself installed. Here I am, after several hours on my new desktop with Mate - and I just love it.

The menu isn't quite what I expected, but it's near enough. And, it behaves the way I want a menu to behave, no matter how it's laid out. All my applications are here, or they are readily available. The desktop actually looks good, without turning on any special eye candy. Memory usage seems right - with ten tabs open in my browser, and two moderately large apps running, I'm using little less than half of my 4 gig of memory. I think that before I started any apps running, I was using only about 500 meg of memory - or that may have been after I opened Firefox. Whatever - it's much lighter on resources than some alternatives!!

I'm loving it, guys! The LMDE team has done one helluva good job, in my opinion!!
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Re: I'm sold on LMDE and Mate!

Post by ddurdle »

welcome aboard.
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Re: I'm sold on LMDE and Mate!

Post by caerolle »


Welcome to the Mint Forums! Sounds like you already have a lot of Mint experience!

The Mint menu is really nice. I like how large and bright it is, and how easy it is to use it to set things up like add/remove favorites, add to panel, add to start-up, and so forth. Hope you continue to enjoy your Mint experience!

caerolle :)
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Re: I'm sold on LMDE and Mate!

Post by widget »

LMDE is a very nice OS indeed.

Installed it on my bosses laptop. She loves it.

One difference in that install from yours. Xfce.

You may want to try it out. Mate is very nice and I am a long time Gnome user. I have switched to Xfce. The Xfce panel is what the Gnome panel never quite grew up to be.

This is up to you, of coarse, but you can had the Xfce meta package and be able to choose it at login in the session box below where you type your name and password.

This is also true of any other DE you may care to try. They all have advantages and draw backs. You should give yourself a chance to discover the one that realy fits you and how you want to work on your box. If that is Mate that is great. The DE should be your servant not your tyrant.
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Re: I'm sold on LMDE and Mate!

Post by squeezy »

Yup, LMDE/MATE is a great combo, my most recent build in fact. I've found some great, simple tips for correcting the few issues I have with MATE, such as enabling the multimedia keys for Banshee and unlocking the MATE keyring at logon.

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