feature req.: Something like the Arch build system for Mint

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feature req.: Something like the Arch build system for Mint

Postby jiu » Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:20 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm a new user of linux mint who used to use Arch (www.archlinux.org) and one thing I loved about it was the possibility to easily build packages including dependencies from source. This capacity is built into the pacman package management system and a great thing to keep track of what software you choose to build yourself. For me, this was a small number of pieces of software for which I wanted the latest and greatest and I suspect a number of people would like to have this possibility too. pacman was able to keep track of self-built packages alongside the packages installed from the distro repository. The Arch Build System consists in a large number of user-contributed scripts that would list dependencies and reference the sources to build from, and be executed by pacman. If some packages depended on later versions of libraries than the ones installed in the system, it would also be able to recursively build them from source. My feature suggestion is to add a similar capacity to mintupdate.

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