post-UP5 strange login appears AFTER I logout

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post-UP5 strange login appears AFTER I logout

Postby flopez » Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:28 am

After I installed UP5 on LMDE 20124 I noticed that when I logged out, a completely different login window would appear.

When I shut down there is text on the black screen that says something about a virtual guest user?
When I restarted, GRUB displayed another install of LMDE: LinuxMint GNU/Linux with 3.2.0-2 and a second install with 3.2.0-3.

What is happening here? Please, I'm a newbie so give me simple step by step instructions. Thanks.


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Re: post-UP5 strange login appears AFTER I logout

Postby ketoth » Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:58 pm


Nothing to worry about.
With UP5 comes a new login manager: MDM. It should be the one you see (the easiest way to find out: it asks for both username and password)

About GRUB: each time a new kernel (Linux) is installed, GRUB adds it to the list. And yes, older kernels are kept (in case newer kernels fail to start even in failsafe, you will be happy to have the previous kernel to boot on --very rare thanks to the Update Pack system, but nobody can test it on every existing hardware in the world).

The actual kernel for Mint Debian is 3.2.0-3. The 3.2.0-2 was in UP4, that's why it remains.

If you really want to keep only the newest kernel and absolutely want to remove the older, make sure:
- that you're running on the newest (3.2.0-3), this can be found out easily with this terminal command: uname -s
- that your system is stable right now (no crash, no freeze, no suddenly black screen with the nasty words "kernel panic"..)
- that you prefer running this Terminal commands instead of the filemanager (Caja/Nautilus/Thunar, depending on the desktop) in sudo mode, in which a wrongly selected file for deletion brings chaos
- that you really want to run a dangerous command for just a more aesthetic GRUB list

If ok, open the Terminal and enter these 3 commands:

Code: Select all

cd /boot
sudo rm config-3.2.0-2* initrd.img-3.2.0-2** vmlinuz-3.2.0-2*
sudo update-grub

Do NOT shutdown/reboot your PC without running the "sudo update-grub". I assume here that you didn't customize GRUB.
And that's all :) Now GRUB should list only 3.2.0-3, 3.2.0-3 failsafe mode, memtest + other systems like Windows.

ps: remember the rule #1:
- backup your personal data on a regular basis, especially when working on the system

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