Emerald / Compiz No change inside windows

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Emerald / Compiz No change inside windows

Postby jacksmint » Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:02 am

i originally posted this in the wrong forum, so i'm moving it here.

I have researched this all over the web, and have found nothing. I am running Linux Mint Mate 64 bit with Emerald and Compiz running. If I try an emerald theme, the title bars only change. But Everything inside the titlebars (inside the window borders) of any window AND the taskbar remain the same. I have tried many themes with themed buttons inside the title bars and colors. I can't find anything inside Compiz to manually adjust the looks of everything inside the title bars to try and compensate.

edit: holy toledo, i just changed the theme in 'Appearances' and it worked. But its the same thing I did before several times, no idea why it worked this time. But the buttons don't seem to reflect the ones I saw in the theme online. Nevertheless I still have some questions.

how can i get the ENTIRE theme to work in emerald?
can you change all this with just Compiz alone?
should I use something else besides emerald?

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