Create a basic/restricted easy to use environment

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Create a basic/restricted easy to use environment

Postby mrapoc » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:41 am


I'm fairly new to linux and linux mint. I have a customer who would like a linux environment whereby, as he's elderly and quite scared of clicking the wrong thing - everything bar the desktop is hidden.

Almost like a glorified typewriter, all he wants to do is turn the pc on, automatically go straight to desktop, open writer, type something, print or save and turn it back off again.

How easy is this to achieve?

I'm confused as to what the differences are in desktop environments too!



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Re: Create a basic/restricted easy to use environment

Postby edwardr » Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:29 am

Check out Pilosopong Tasyo's post about setting up an internet cafe. It's a couple of years old, but should still have some good tips. He has his computers set up so that the users can access only the programs they need and they cannot easily mess up the system settings:

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