Hello my sweet alternative!

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Hello my sweet alternative!

Postby Catbuntu » Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:31 am

Hi all!
I'm another frustrated Ubuntu user. When Unity borned, I started using Fedora, openSUSE, Arch and some other things, but I also liked Ubuntu, even I liked Unity. I also used Kubuntu, Xubuntu and more, but when 12.10 arrived... chaos. The main release of Ubuntu is crap. Kubuntu is great, so I have installed it. I didn't try Xubuntu, but I'm gonna make a VM for it (i also have VMs with LMDE, CentOS, Debian and more) for testing...
But my sweet lover is Mint. I use Cinnamon, I used it all the August and then I uninstalled it just because I wanted to try something new. But this new thing (Unity) is crap. I can't WORK with it!!! My computer is for working, I can't waste time with Unity stupid bugs, crashes and freezes. So i found three DEs for working:
  • XFCE - Maybe Xubuntu is the distro I used more time, from May to July. Just loved it, I customized it to be like GNOME 2. My sweet gnomie.
  • KDE - When Ubuntu 12.04 came, I installed Kubuntu. It was slowly for me, so I switched to Linux Mint KDE. I also loved it, IMO it was better than Kubuntu. But with 12.10, Kubuntu is great! I don't have more Akonadi errors, and it runs relatively smoother (maybe Mint is a bit smooth), but the most important thing is it has KDE 4.9!
  • Cinnamon/MATE - I just used Cinnamon in real world. I also tried MATE with LMDE on a VM, and I also liked it. In my computer, MATE would be better than Cinnamon, because in Cinnamon I have to tweak and disable some effects for letting it go smooth, but I still like Cinnamon, mainly because of GTK3. It just crashed one time, today, while I was installing Debian on VirtualBox.
I also used GNOME Shell, and I kinda like it, although IMO it's a bit odd for working. But with some extensions, it's great! Plus, I used it on Fedora, which is rock solid and fast. But I preffer Cinnamon as a shell.
So that's me, what about you?
tomeuari aka COMECON aka unrar

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Re: Hello my sweet alternative!

Postby d00med » Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:47 am

Gave most every DE an earnest try for the last few months and came away a big fan of Cinnamon.

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Re: Hello my sweet alternative!

Postby The-Wizard » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:24 am

with the choice choose your own flavour it would be a shame if we all chose the same,

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