Mint 13 on new HP/Compaq

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Mint 13 on new HP/Compaq

Postby lexon » Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:08 pm

I picked up this new Wireless laptop at Walmart for $328, USD a few months ago. HP/Compaq, Presario CQ57.
Yanked the W7 HD and installed a new 250GB HD. Running Mint 13, Mate very nicely.
From what I see so far, Linux is not yet smart enough to overcome dual booting issues with Windows.
I am relatively new to Linux. Only using it since 2003. Started with Mint shortly after Mint 6 came out.
Lazy former Windows user.
Mint 13 is a little slower than Mint 6 was, even without my files yet. FF is slower also.
I don't like Libre Office at all. I will go back to Open Office.
Some applications will not open to full page when selected. I have to do that myself, each time.
I don't think The Powers That Be ever mention speed difference.
OS is free and secure. Best of both worlds.
Happy with default audio and video.
I have a real life so I don't need games.

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