No sound played on login

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No sound played on login

Postby Barti90 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:31 pm

Hello there,
for some time I've been fighting an issue with a missing sound on login; my brother has Maya version on his laptop and it plays some sounds when mdm manager shows up and after successful login attempt. On my LMDE, at first it "played" only a stupid beep of a space hamster - I fixed it with blacklisting a certain module. Now it doesn't play anything.

In general, the speakers work properly - I can play music in Banshee, listen to youtube videos and so on; when I choose the sounds to play in the mdm settings I cannot play the sample, but outside of the mdm the same sound plays fine. I took a glimpse on mdm config file but I couldn't find anything wrong there.

Anyone had similar problem?

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Re: No sound played on login

Postby danellisuk » Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:36 pm

Sounds similar to my issue yesturday, hopefully this may help: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=112325&start=40#p645947
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