Why is KNOPPIX version of linux different than others?

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Why is KNOPPIX version of linux different than others?

Postby thebluesky » Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:11 pm

I just "installed" Mint Debian to my flash disk in windows by using UNetbooting ..I downloaded the iso image from the mint web site as a only one iso file..and I used it for a bootable flash disk..

when it comes to KNOPPIX..it is confusing..it offers to download its iso image via utorrent but there are 5 files in the torrent file

ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix-d ... -25-DE.iso
ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix-d ... DE.iso.md5
ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix-d ... so.md5.asc
ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix-d ... E.iso.sha1
ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix-d ... o.sha1.asc

I think all files have to be downloaded but will I able to use unetbooting like I used for mint
if I choose only first file wht will happen the other files?

and there are two version of it one of them is 700 MB , the other one is 3.8 gb..
is 700mb-one is lite version or sth?

and as you know wht I am doing is called live cd not real installation..so even I can't save configuration I have done..but how to install a linux literally?


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Re: Why is KNOPPIX version of linux different than others?

Postby kyphi » Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:20 pm

Once upon a time UbuntuLinux distros came on 2 CDs - one as a live distro, the other to install. Later that was merged into one CD. When people demanded more programs, codecs, etc, this could no longer fit on a CD and DVDs were used.

If you visit the Knoppix site you will see that both "short" and "long" versions are available: http://knoppix.net/

The Knoppix 7.0.4 DVD in front of me contains 9 GB because it provides both 32bit and 64bit versions.

This DVD is available as a cover disc on the December 2012 issue of Linux Magazine (Linux Pro Magazine in the US).

Knoppix is not different from other Linuxes. It is Debian based and is a good showcase for the diversity of Linux applications available.
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