Yet another Ubuntu covert

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Yet another Ubuntu covert

Postby sumanameghu » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:41 pm

Not exactly a question just yet, but more in the nature of an intro. I've been a longtime Ubuntu dabbler (I just checked on ubuntuforums and was taken aback to find I'm a member since 05) and of late a serious Ubuntu user. Unlike some others my decision to "convert" is not due to Unity! I started to run into problems with my keyboard locking up initially on video sites and then after I upgraded to 12.04, even otherwise. And for some reason I can't get any more help in the Ubuntu community anymore :-(
Which forced me to resort to using Win 7 which has been pretty uneventful so far.

But I like LInux and the package approach to s/w and really want to explore some of the interesting s/w products (KMyMoney for instance) and also the relative freedom from virus threats.

So I'm embarking on my Mint adventure now and have read other posts where people have been able to reuse their /home directory and so on. Not yet downloaded Mint but will do so in the next week or so.

FWIW, I root for the Vikings and the Twins and anyone playing the Cowboys, the Yankees and ManU.

Hoping for a meaningful involvement with Mint

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