xrdp for the newb...

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xrdp for the newb...

Postby YeeP » Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:00 am

Everything I read tells me that this is a plug and play. That makes me think that something is up with some other piece of software. I made sure the process was on this morning when I left home, but cannot connect. As far as I can tell, you do not need to setup port forwarding on your router, and I did not. The global part of the ini file(sorry not home to reference file name), tells me the port I need to use is 3389, so I even tried to connect to ip.address:3389, no luck.

Any ideas?

I won't be able to try them until I get home tonight. :(
Thank you!

EDIT: the problem is not going to be rdp out of work site, as I have to connect to multiple client sites every day. I guess I am saying; "that door is open".

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Re: xrdp for the newb...

Postby jmdeking » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:58 am

xrdp works indeed out of the box BUT you need your firewall to let port 3389 to go through and probably NAT the whole thing so the router knows what to do with request from the outside to you RDP server.

If you want to make sure your RDP server is running connect a 2nd PC to your local network and connect to it or run a NMAP/portscan on your LAN to see if 3389 is open.

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