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Mint Mate Edition

Postby exploder » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:51 pm

I sure am thankful for the Mint Mate Edition! My HP DV6 laptop has ATI discrete graphics and I kept having graphics issues in the Cinnamon Edition.... I have messed around with the laptop for days but just could not get rid of the screen flicker and cpu spikes. I installed the Mate edition again today on the laptop and the flickering and cpu spikes are gone. Just by pure luck Clem updated the artwork of the Mate edition today, now I have the MDM theme I like and all the new wallpapers. All I need to do is find a good black theme with white text for the menu and the panel and I will be all set!

My desktop has the x64 Cinnamon edition installed and I love it! The laptop has always been a pain because of it's ATI graphics... I am much happier with the laptop now! :D I even used the bulb photo wallpaper that was posted in the forum and it looks great. If anyone can help me out with a dark theme for Mate I would really appreciate it. Mint used to have a selection of themes in the Gnome 2x versions and I am looking for something like that. It's been awhile since I messed around with themes...

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