Building up to LMDE from debian CLI and hit a wall

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Building up to LMDE from debian CLI and hit a wall

Postby lizbeth » Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:36 pm

not sure where to put this. I suppose here is as good as anywhere.

So with debian squeeze i did a command line install. For some reason after adding the LMDE repos i couldn't do apt-get install xorg* because of broken package errors, so I did it before, in squeeze. No problem

I did the pinning thingy. And because I want to a linuxmint lxde look and feel I want to steal some from the lisa-lxde repos. but that's not the real problem.

The wall I hit is after pinning linuxmint in /etc/apt/preferences, I want to install mint-meta-codecs and mint-meta-debian-core but i get errors telling me that files aren't installable that are dependencies... files like gstreamer0.10-esd which are in fact in the repos. I searched my own repos to be sure they are there. I have the same repos set up in both.

I haven't yet installed anything mint. I want to install mintsystem but if I do that then mint-artwork-cinnamon get installed by default, unless I enable the lisa repos and install mint-artwork-lxde. Which is fine but I don't want to pull from the lisa repos before installing mint-meta-codecs and mint-meta-debian-core and risk pulling a non-debian package that would bork my system.

Where to begin?

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