Linux Mint 14. Wow!

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Linux Mint 14. Wow!

Postby 7vn11vn » Tue Nov 27, 2012 5:57 pm

Long time Windows user here. Very long, like Window 2.11 long. My current laptop started with Vista, then Win7, now Win8. Spent lots of money on software like Office, etc. I've known about Linux for years, but I've never really checked it out until today. I checked out Ubuntu, but that really didn't do much for me. Then I found my way to Mint and checked it out. It looked great, so I downloaded the file and burned it to a dvd.

I wasn't sure which version to get, so I ended up with Mint 14 Mate. It took about two minutes to decide I wanted it, so I chose the dual boot with Windows 8. Install was painless and very quick, compared to Windows, which took hours. Dual boot works great.

I did run into a couple of problems at first. I could move the pointer around the screen, but couldn't click on anything unless I used the touchpad button. That was frustrating, but I finally found my way to the Control Center and clicked on Mouse. The touchpad settings were in there and that fixed the problem. The other problem was that I wanted to install Chrome. I finally found it on Google and downloaded it. It took me awhile to figure out how to get it installed, though. Just part of the learning curve. No biggie.

Mint is NICE! Now I wish I hadn't spent the money on upgrading Windows. I've only had it installed for two hours, but I'm finding my way around without any problems. LibreOffice looks great. Actually, everything does.

I know I'm supposed to use this forum to ask questions and get help and I probably will as time goes by, but the only question I have right now is, Why did it take me so long to find Linux Mint??? :D

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Re: Linux Mint 14. Wow!

Postby kc1di » Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:09 pm

Hi 7vn11vn and welcome to Linux Mint and the forum.
Glad you enjoy it. Have fun learning one of the best Linux Distros around
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Re: Linux Mint 14. Wow!

Postby The-Wizard » Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:22 am

mint is the easiest of Linux distros for ex M$ users to adapt to, you didnt need to download chrome from the web as it is a standard program in the repositories [still you have done it now] click start and look for the software manager [usually a yellow four pointed star] click on that and have a nose at all the programs available that are completable with mint

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Re: Linux Mint 14. Wow!

Postby overthetop » Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:05 pm

Yes, Mint is great!

Welcome aboard! :P
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Re: Linux Mint 14. Wow!

Postby jesica » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:41 am

Good day and welcome to Mint :mrgreen:

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Re: Linux Mint 14. Wow!

Postby Mohr » Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:56 am

Welcome to Linux!

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