Corel AfterShot Pro on Linux Mint 13/14

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Corel AfterShot Pro on Linux Mint 13/14

Postby RaZZ3R » Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:54 pm

I was wondering if someone tested Corel AfterShot Pro on Linux Mint 13/14 since it's minimum requred to have Fedora Core 10 or Ubuntu 8.04 to work (as it's writen here ). Would it work on Linux Mint 14 Cinamon ?!?

And I just found out about CK patch set and BFS (Brain F.u.c.k. Scheduler) and was wondering if it's compatible and possible to instal on the latest Cinamon version of Linux Mint 14 ?!? I'm still fresh and a n00b to Linux world.
*error beep*
confused, where's the error dialogue box?
*blue screen*
Hmmm...I can't press anything.
*blue screen*
Hmmm...I can't press ctrl+alt+del either.
*blue screen*
Hmmm...The restart button doesn't do anything...
*harddrive dies*

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Re: Corel AfterShot Pro on Linux Mint 13/14

Postby gosa » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:24 am

Can't speak for Linux Mint 14, but I do have it installed in Mint 13 Cinnamon, and it seems to run without problems.
I tested it for a month after which I actually bought it - felt so nice to finally get a good chance to break free from Lightroom...

- Then I discovered Photo Ninja ( from the creators of Noise Ninja, and got really impressed - a lot of the stuff I throw at Photo Ninja comes out great just by letting the software do it's thing with automatic settings, and if that doesn't work there's plenty of settings to tinker with.

It's only available for Windows and Mac OS, but it does install and run quite decently in Wine - so much that I'm thinking about buying that one too.

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