Mint 14 Mate -- panel disappeared and other settings changed

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Mint 14 Mate -- panel disappeared and other settings changed

Postby Marbux » Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:00 am

Second attempt at posting, prior post did not appear in the forum.

Hi, All,

I couldn't resist moving from Mint 13 to Mint 14 so did a clean install of Mint 14 Mate 64-bit a couple of nights ago. Things went well for the first 24 hours, but since then Mint displays no panel, power management has reverted to defaults, desktop appearance has reverted to defaults, and there are no icons on the desktop including drive icons. I can access a terminal from the desktop's context menu.

Any suggestions on how to tackle these issues? My Google-fu is not working for me tonight. Grateful for any guidance.

Best regards,


elmar roberg
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Re: Mint 14 Mate -- panel disappeared and other settings cha

Postby elmar roberg » Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:36 am

Have picked up the same problem.
Have just upgraded to 64bit laptop.
Min13 32b was working ok, even recognized the 8GB memory!
Did new install. was reloading all favourite sw.
Noticed that software manager was hanging when had long list to do, and then when loaded some apps (e.g. pdftk).
so switched to synaptic.
1. app xiphos loads fine, but when click on button to change book, mint bombs and restarts.
tried this a couple of times
2. was busy downloading clementine using synaptic when the panel disappeared
tried restart, same issue
Super key does not work but ALT+F2 does
Do ALT+T, but cannot type in terminal
3. am working in Gnome at the moment

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