Skype not working; corrupted packages; missing codecs

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Skype not working; corrupted packages; missing codecs

Postby einar » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:11 pm

Sorry, but I can't find an answer not even for one of my questions. And I have many. I was working with Ubuntu for about 7 years. Without problems. Until they came up with this damned 12.04 LTS and its Unity desktop. Somebody on the net recommended LinuxMint. I downloaded it from the LinuxMint website (Lund University) twice and both ISO version (LinuxMint 14, Nadia cinnamon) had damaged packages. Therefore I can't install mint codecs (when I click on the welcome page then nothing is coming up. Well: this is question 1 + 2: how to remove damaged packages and to get mint codecs. Third question: With Ubuntu Skype was always running immediately and without problems. Not so with Linux Mint. I can hear but my partner can't hear me. In the options are no options - everything is 'pulse' - you can't change nothing. Question 4: When I want to open my homepage 'Einar' then I get this information (see attachment).
Then I have a question regarding this Forum that's called Linux Mint Forum. But plenty of questions and answers focus on Ubuntu. I know that Mint has taken "the best from Ubuntu" but does it mean that people can discuss Ubuntu questions on this page? I left behind Ubuntu for all the troubles and now I'm again confronted with Ubuntu. Uff.

Beg your pardon but I wrote already so many letters/Mails and didn't get an answer that I'm quite desolated.
Best regards
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Re: Skype not working; corrupted packages; missing codecs

Postby kyphi » Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:52 pm

You seem to have downloaded Linux Mint from the wrong source. Here is the correct place to get the ISO:

All the problems you mentioned are related to the missing codecs.

Linux Mint has not taken anything from Ubuntu, it merely shares some of Ubuntu's repositories.

The only word I could identify on your image is "dolphin". That is one of the file manager options for KDE. Did you want Linux Mint with KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon or MATE?
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