Mint 14 XFCE wtih Mate, Cinnamon, and Compiz

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Mint 14 XFCE wtih Mate, Cinnamon, and Compiz

Postby Turtleggjp » Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:24 pm

Doing a little experiment here, mainly trying to see how well the 0.9 branch of compiz is working these days.

I started with Mint 14 XFCE (RC) and then installed "mint-meta-mate" and "mint-meta-cinnamon-dvd" since I'm interested in experimenting with all 3 desktops (already pretty familiar with KDE, don't need to mess with that too). I also installed various compiz packages ( it looks like, as of right now) and after turning everything on in the compiz config settings manager (I've done that many times, I know what to do), it seems to run pretty well. While in MATE, I went into the control center (startup applications), and added a startup command for compiz:

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compiz --replace ccp

This worked fine, except that it seems to not just run when I use MATE. It also starts when I run XFCE and Cinnamon. XFCE is fine, in fact it is desired, however it seems to pretty much destroy Cinammon (no panel, no way to logout, sometimes not even any desktop icons). Not a big deal, and not really surprising since Cinammon has some of its own desktop effects. So what I'd like to do is have compiz start with MATE and XFCE, but not Cinammon. Is there a way to do that? Thanks.


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