urban terror the game cant get it to work so many issues...

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urban terror the game cant get it to work so many issues...

Postby abouttoflipout » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:37 pm

ohkay so i got the URTupdater.. from urbanterror.info
ohkay then i unzipped it to the "desgoktop"

weird thing about the desktop is... its not actually on my desktop i have to file manager and find a file that looks like a picture of a desktop and i click on it its a folder called desktop.. or maybe i dunno anyways
so i open the folder and ive got two things

ive saved it in a folder call urbanterror42 on my desktop file
thig 1

and ive got..
thing 2


which one do i pick and how do i get it to start?? i have no freaking idea.. and im scared.. and i think i sharted a little...
please help when i click on either one it wants me to chose a program to open with even when i double click on it .. so
i dont know. were to open it to.. etc. etc. i really want to play this amazing first person shooter
thanks please help..... love you.. :cry: :P

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Re: urban terror the game cant get it to work so many issues

Postby LastSioux » Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:52 am

First is for 32-bit, second for 64-bit arcitecture.
Depending on your PC architecture pick one make it executable, then start it with double click.

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