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Mint-X theme..

Postby Matija_31 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:05 pm

Is it possible to make Faience as a standard Mint icon set? Installed them today and i can say they fit great (and completed)..And also they have a great design of toolbar monochrome set too. Along them graybird theme seems to be very similar to mint-X but difference is in borders..greybird has a smooth curves on the edge. I noticed for example, that gedit window and home folder window, have slightly different themes(visible in toolbar selections).. i dont know why, but seleciton of window toolbars (mouse over) and system windows are not the same (gradient in geedit, firefox, and solid color in all file browsers. opened only home and computer icon . I cant attach example cause i dont have two mice;) But after all i am here to report those things:D

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