Broken packages in Mint 14 RC

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Broken packages in Mint 14 RC

Postby rmcellig » Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:16 pm

I just installed xfce 14 RC and when I went to do the updates, I get mesaages that there are broken packages. I am trying to update mintupdate 4.4.7 and all I get are notices regarding broken packages. What should I do?
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Re: Broken packages in Mint 14 RC

Postby ggallego » Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:14 pm

Looks like the is out.
Try to change from packages.linuxmint to a mirror in the "Software Sources" package.

(get this tip from @zerozero some months ago).
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Re: Broken packages in Mint 14 RC

Postby zerozero » Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:20 pm

the issue is known viewtopic.php?f=47&t=120123&p=661472#p661466
as i said i wouldn't advise any attempt of update the system in this period

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