nVidia 32-bit Compatibility Packages Broken

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nVidia 32-bit Compatibility Packages Broken

Postby steve.t.sullivan » Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:53 pm

So I recently moved from Linux Mint 12 to LMDE. There's a 32-bit 3D app that I like to regularly run, so historically I've installed the ia32 and nvidia 32-bit compatibility packages so it'll work. I noticed however that in the current LMDE repos, those packages have become empty transitional packages that depend on i386 packages. So I added the i386 architecture to dpkg and let apt start pulling down said i386 dependencies.

The problem came when I tried to install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386. That depends on libxvmc1:i386, which in turn wants to uninstall the following packages:

  • libgl1-nvidia-glx
  • libxvmc1
  • nvidia-glx
  • xserver-xorg-video-nvidia

Obviously I can't uninstall those packages because they're the core nVidia packages, and uninstalling them would pretty much break the xserver. Does anyone know more about this problem, have a solution, or know if a solution is in the works from the LMDE or Debian teams?

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Re: nVidia 32-bit Compatibility Packages Broken

Postby zerozero » Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:57 pm

you are not alone in that issue (i know that saying this is not giving you a solution but at least you won't feel so lonely :wink: )
see grraf and PragTob comments here >> viewtopic.php?f=186&t=119079&p=662605#p662605

[ bliss of ignorance ]

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Re: nVidia 32-bit Compatibility Packages Broken

Postby Synzvato » Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:16 pm

I've had the same problem and searched the discussion zerozero is referring to for a fix. I managed to resolve the problem, so let me post the solution in a nutshell:

Before you start, you should know that this version of libxvmc1 was ported (to multiarch) and built by Sebastien Noel. This is not an official release, but it should work just fine.

    1. Download "libxvmc1_1.0.7-1+multiarch_i386.deb" from http://twolife.be/debian/todo/xvmc/ Be sure not to pick the dev or dbg packages. Make sure the package name (apart from version numbering) matches the name of the package you download.
    2. Install it (you should be able to open it using the GDebi Package Manager).
    3. Use APT to install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386 just like you would otherwise.

    Code: Select all

    sudo apt-get install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386

It should no longer protest because of the libxvmc1 conflict and should thus no longer threaten you to remove some highly important looking stuff. Hope it helps some of you.

Good luck,


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