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Linux distributions?

Postby ArminasAnarchy » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:42 pm

Hi all!

I've been using Linux for some time now, and have experimented with different distributions. At the moment, I'm running Kubuntu 12.10, but have tried Debian, Mint and Fedora.

I don't consider myself anywhere near "expert" level, but I have got a fair amount of experience with hardware and different OSes. I would love to be able to run Fedora, but what put me off was the RPM package manager. I like to think of Fedora as a little more advanced than Ubuntu, and consequently a little more powerful - which of course is appealing! Having the latest and greatest is also important, and Fedora does display that.

Specifically, moving to Fedora was a pain for the following reasons:

1) Pretty much all my more "in depth" experience is with Debian-based distros. Faced with a new syntax when it came to using the terminal, and new commands to learn to use yum, it was just too much of a bother. Plus, there's no purge command, and since I'm a little OCD, the idea of config files just sitting around gets under my skin.

2) The repository seems much smaller. I understand the whole free software thing, and actually, I really am supportive of it. I do however believe that I have to be pragmatic to get things done - and sometimes that means using proprietary software. You seem to be (largely) out in the cold if you want to use this, there's no handy scripts for installing Java (like the Duinsoft one), and in order to add flash, you're given the choice of three repos, (rpmfusion etc) with no reference to which you should pick and/or why.

So here's what would be ideal for me. I want to continue learning with Linux, and since I've started with Debian-based distros, I might as well continue to build on that foundation. Kubuntu suits my needs for the time being, but I've run out of things to play with in it, and I'd love to feel I had the power and functionality under Fedora, but in something based on Debian. I know there are various tools too, in order to install .deb files on Fedora, but it'd be nice to be able to use stuff like this natively - it seems a little messy just to lump something on top of an existing OS when there's probably a suitable alternative that's a little more stream lined.

What are people's suggestions? Also, since we're on the Ubuntu forums, I guess it makes sense to ask...why are you here, presumably running Ubuntu, and not utilising your suggestion? I'm looking for the pro's AND the con's folks!

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Re: Linux distributions?

Postby xenopeek » Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:29 pm

ArminasAnarchy wrote:Also, since we're on the Ubuntu forums, I guess it makes sense to ask...why are you here, presumably running Ubuntu, and not utilising your suggestion?

I think you got your websites mixed up; we're on the Linux Mint forums here and most here will be running Linux Mint :wink:

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Re: Linux distributions?

Postby DrHu » Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:31 pm

Also I think that for most distributions, if you stick with the provided package manager(s) available, you will have little problem installing/removing applications

For Fedora, specifically, I do prefer apt (Debian's command line tool), rather than rpm, however with a minimal set of command in hand, any terminal based tool will work for you
--you just need to choose the actions you want applied
  • Install
  • Uninstall
  • Check installation, status of applications
  • Purge, completely remove an application
    --and so on..

Both Yum for Fedora, or even Suse's yast package manager I found to be ok, but then I am not trying anything that clever, simply the above set of install/remove/purge and check applications and status of installed programs

In terms of item 2 repository size (for applications) being smaller ?
    Debian is usually considered to be the largest repository of software available vis-a-vis RPM based distributions
    --however all repositories are constrained by the Linux distributor's decision process as to number or type of applications being included..

In Debian's case (the parent of Ubuntu, Mint..) you get a choice of experimental, testing or stable
--I forget the RPM based distributions categorization..
    The vendor's (Linux distributor's decision ) is the final arbitrator of application provisioning, unless you wish to experiment on your own
    --and that may or may not cause you much painful configuration setups..

For series experimentation, then something such as Linux from scratch or arclinux, as well as optimizing your understanding of the mint + desktop selections available would be the methodology to try..

customizing a Linux system .. ... cds-part-i ... emastersys ... onstructor
--mint has its own developer tool (read developer with a grain of salt, and experiment if inclined.) to customize a Mint system..

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